It's well documented that the U.S. food system is tragically flawed. In a nutshell, agribusiness, factory farming and the standard diet in our country, especially the consumption of animal products, is intricately woven into the state of our environment and its decline, climate change, and hunger and malnutrition around the world (even in the U.S.!).  

Not to be a total bummer, but dwindling resources (super important stuff we all need like fresh water, healthy topsoil, and fossil fuels) are being sucked dry for the production of (mostly) meat, dairy, and eggs. The looming and dooming consequences of this global food system are only sped up by the rate at which our climate is deteriorating. Ugh.

We see this as a major, major problem. And we want to be part of the solution. Which is why we offer plant-based, organic, whole foods that are REAL GOOD for the earth, for our animal friends, and for our bodies. 

Buying local is tremendously important part of the solution, which is why we source so much of our produce from farms that are close by that we can visit. We know our farmers and their practices. Mick Klug Farm is where we get our berries. Our kale, carrots, apples, beets and sweet potato are sourced from Nichols and Spence Farms.  For some of our exotic produce like ginger and turmeric, we source from Kolo Kai Farm in Hawaii, where they harvest on Sunday, send it to us on Tuesday and we juice it on Friday.

The coffee that we prepare and sell is purchased from like-minded neighbors, Gaslight Coffee Roasters, who are headquartered in Logan Square. They get their beans from a mix of fair-trade and small farms.  After we purchase beans from them, we brew it in-house within two weeks. Coffee beans from grocery stores can sit on the shelves for up to two years. Just like our food, coffee beans lose all of their key nutrients and antioxidants as time goes on, so old coffee loses most of its benefits.  

It's simple: we like real food that's real good for you. And it turns out that putting good stuff in  your body does a good thing for the rest of the world too.