Tribune journalist Marissa Conrad had her initial doubts about the Punky Juice-ster: "I was as skeptical as anyone about a juice the color of a washed-out green olive that touts 'chlorophyll' loudly and proudly among its super-ingredients."  

Despite being the author of stories as "I Double-Fisted the Au Cheval and Small Cheval Burgers," and "I Tried to Eat a 12-Pound Pizza For Sport,”  Ms. Conrad was on the way out of a workout at Studio Three in River North,  and “a brightly colored menu drew me to adjoining Real Good Juice Co. like Katy Perry to a beach-ball dress.”  We liked the next part:

“When I got to the Punky Juice-ster, I could practically hear 7-year-old Soleil Moon Frye from inside the refrigerator she got trapped in playing tag telling me to order it. A few hours later, Google informed me my memory is wrong and it was actually Punky's best friend Cherie who got trapped in the fridge. Whatever. I had already bought the juice. And you know what? It was straight-up delicious.”

Straight-up delicious!

You can read her full review in the Chicago Tribune here.

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