Happy holidays....

....to all of the Orange Fitness-ing, Soul Cycling, Pelaton-riding juice drinkers! (And also to everyone else, of course.) To celebrate the holidays, we are hosting three different workouts at a few of our favorite fitness studios in Chicago. If you join us in one of the classes listed below, there will be plenty of juice to sample after class and a chance to win a one-day REAL GOOD JUICE cleanse. We love being healthy during the holidays and want you to feel empowered to do the same! (But also eat some pie because life is all about that balance.)

Sign up for these workout classes as you normally would, and look for the REAL GOOD team at the studio that day. We'll be there sweating it out with you, and we'll be passing out juice (and maybe some other treats!) post-class.

Fitness, nutrition, community...and a happy holiday to all! 


When:  Dec. 18 5:45
Where: 1513 N Wells St



When: Dec. 19 4pm Hip-Hop Saturday
 Where: 1223 N. Wells St. 


When: Dec. 21 5:30pm
Where: Inside Studio Three at 648 N. Clark St.

See you soon!