Did you know turmeric is a seasonal plant that can only be harvested 9-10 months after being planted? And because the medicinal properties of turmeric are so powerful and special we choose to only offer it seasonally. That is why we hooked up with Kolo Kai Organic Farms on the island of Kauai. Colette and Benjamin harvest our turmeric on a Sunday, ship it out on a Tuesday and we juice it on that Friday. For a root that grows 4,000 miles away, that's pretty local. 

Turmeric has been known to offer powerful anti-inflammatory remedies as well as help prevent different types of cancer and disease (including Alzheimers) and improve liver function. Not to mention one gazillion other real good stuff it aides. I like it mostly because it tastes like paint thinner and it makes me feel alive. One of those is partially true.

We're offering it two ways right now at the bar. Try our Coconut Milk with Turmeric and Cinnamon or a Real Good Tonic with Apple and Cayenne. 

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