Once upon a time, before REAL GOOD ever existed, Jon Schiff worked as a financial person in a financial office and wore a tie every day and lived the way many Americans do. He woke up, went to work at a desk, felt unfulfilled, came home, went to sleep and woke up to do it all again the next day. When he finally quit his job one Monday morning, he was on Spence Farm that Wednesday, volunteering for Marty, Will, and Kris Travis in Fairbury, IL.

Inspired by his experience on their small, organic, environmentally-friendly farm, Jon created Real Good Juice and decided that he was going to use the same quality of produce, ethics, and discipline in his own business. Real Good Juice continues to get weekly deliveries of produce from Spence Farm and is proud to do so. They remain the most ethical, kind, and conscious farmers we know.

Today, Marty, Will and Kris are raising money for a new refrigerated delivery truck to bring more produce from their farm to Chicago restaurants. By contributing to this effort, you help not just them, but 30 other small farms who they also make deliveries for, and some incredible Chicago chefs who also care deeply about buying responsible food. Please donate here:   https://www.gofundme.com/spencefarmnewtruck