Balance Your Body with the pH Spectrum 

We talk a lot about the health benefits of the foods we eat and their effects on our bodies. The focus tends to be on carbs, sugars and calories--but it shouldn’t end there. An often overlooked aspect of our health is acidity vs. alkalinity. The body is said to perform optimally when our pH level (acidic vs. alkaline levels) is balanced.

Optimal performance sounds nice.  A normal pH (test yours at home!) will run around 7.0 (give or take 0.5 points). Highly acidic foods such as animal based proteins, refined grains, sugars, processed foods, alcohol, sodas, caffeine and chocolate will throw your equilibrium off. This puts you at risk of illness, fatigue, muscle stiffness, and even depression. At the same time, running at too high a pH isn’t good for you either, so it’s suggested we need to find a neutral pH.  We’re all in search of that perfect balance, aren’t we?

I’ve been thinking a lot about this recently as I have personally been super stiff and tired lately. And I say this as I drink a cup of coffee a day and consume one (or two!) too many cocktails a week. I truly find that the food I eat and drink dictates how I feel. Many of the juices and smoothies we offer at Real Good are akin to the equation of ‘balancing’ an overly acidic body (which we tend to be naturally). The Whitney Juiceton Juice Pac shakur, Yello! You’ve reached the Greensteins, and Wendy Peffercorn are some of the more Alkaline-based drinks we currently have on the menu. High doses of kale, cucumber, celery, lemon (acidic but alkaline during digestion) and avocado. Well, I need more.

With that in mind, we’ve been working for the last few weeks on creating an immunity booster that is amongst other things, highly Alkaline. We’ve been testing it out at Real Good and it's fueled our kitchen staff for the last week. Productivity has increased and Alfonso is finally picking up English and I Spanish (no, not really). But we do  feel better, are drinking less coffee and have a clear new energy throughout the day. So what is this magical drink? Our immunity booster #1 is a mix of apple cider vinegar, E3 Live, apple juice, ginger and lemon. It’s got a kick so be ready. E3 Live is wildly harvest algae from a fresh pond in Portland, Oregan. It is absolutely loaded with Vitamin B12, so its great brain food and an awesome source for a boost of energy. Apple Cider Vinegar, cleansing, healing and full of energy. It also happens to registers as highly alkaline. Apple juice loaded with good sugars and antioxidants. Ginger is great for inflammation and your immune system. And lastly lemon juice, which is highly alkaline and a natural digestive aid. Enough of that, stop by and try one.

This is what health in a bottle looks like.

-  Jon Schiff, Real Good Juice Co.

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